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Dr. R.L. Johnson is a native of East Texas and the last of twelve born to Deacon and Sister Frank Johnson. His father, a strong man of faith and his mother, a powerful, praying woman of God, raised him and his siblings in the fear of the Lord and instilled in them strong family values. The family was poor in terms of earthly riches, but wealthy in the love of the Lord and the things of God. Dr. Johnson says of his childhood, “We were poor, but we didn’t know we were poor.”

Dr. Johnson is a respected leader in the Rockdale community and beyond. He is an anointed visionary, and a change agent, who is full of the Spirit and fueled by his desire to glorify God. His love for the Lord is demonstrated in his sacrificial love and compassion for his family, the Rising Star family, and for all people regardless of their background or status.

Dr. Johnson also carries a burden for youth. In 2016, he was nominated for the Texas Education Agency Heroes for Children award by the Rockdale Independent School District, for his involvement as a children’s advocate, which included mentoring, high school football pre-game motivational talks, as well as leading initiatives to address the needs of the children in the community. He continues to seek God for ways to engage our youth and make a difference in their lives.

God gave Dr. Johnson the vision and the plan for constructing the current Rising Star Baptist Church edifice, which is valued at one million dollars. Much of the physical labor involved in the construction project was completed by Dr. Johnson and the men of Rising Star.

Dr. Johnson has a Doctor of Theology and a Master of Arts in Faith Based Crisis Counseling. He is also gifted in the areas of administration, teaching, and leadership training.

God has given him a motto at Rising Star, “We teach, we love, God changes,” and that is exactly what he strives to do enabled by the Holy Spirit.

First Lady Margaret Johnson is also a native of East Texas and grew up a few miles from Dr. Johnson. She knows what it’s like to live on meager substance and to depend on God. Lady Margaret loves the Lord and is a resilient, committed, praying woman of strength, wisdom, and grace. The love of Christ flows through her life and Rising Star is blessed by her faithful service, giving spirit and godly example. In her career, she was recognized by her employer for her dedication and outstanding customer service.


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Deacon L.C.Richards
-Family Care
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Jo Ann Bradford
-Fine Arts
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James Bradford
-Facilities & Operations
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Georgia Richards
-Christian Education
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Dr. Summer Johnson
-Special Assistant to the Pastor
-Facilitates special projects on behalf of the pastor
Vacant Position
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Sunday Worship: 10am


512-446-2759 or 512-760-6438
1055 Texas Street P.O. Box 125
Rockdale, Tx 76567

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